Saturday, 12 June 2010 11:36

    When I was a child I found on the dining room table a large marine snail shell (MUREX) that was used as ashtray. I later inherited it.

    Few years ago (2005) during a trip to Greece I bought some beautiful shells (snails = gastropods and clams = bivalve) and then I got carried away and I bought more and even picked up on the beaches I visited. In Manila, in a large souvenir shop, I bought 30-40 (different, of course) and after a few days in Balicasag Island (Philippines) (2009 01 01) I bought more (4 bags!) from street vendors. Upon leaving I had serious problems at customs, because many were part of national heritage Tagalog (there were two large panels with shells that could never leave the country) and I had 21 kg as hand luggage (!) apart from those purchased from shops (in the suitcase) and for which I had a receipt. It was difficult, but I managed to take them home. One can say that I did contraband!
    I have purchased from other places too, loads of them (about 300 kinds), and then appeared the first problem: I emptied bookshelves to make room for shells. Then they amounted to 14 shelves! Another problem: the dust that gathers on them! The celibacy has its own inconveniences...


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