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April Fools Day

I always liked to make jokes, to cheer up people. I came to prescribe (for more than 20 years) in my medical practice this: "every day laugh at least once or at least smile, and if there is no reason ... tell a funny and stupid thing to make you smile!".
In 1988 I decided to organize a nice and cosy get-together on the 1st of April and I have initiated a "special" schedule to invite friends and close acquaintances in in the leap year, declaring that day "International Day of Romanians from Everywhere!". I sent written invitations to 21 people:





13 people responded to my invitation(!), some with shy surprise (!) and two of the guests even wore a bow tie, not getting the drift in the "dress code". The whole house was filled with funny photos black / white; in refrigerator throne a large jar with a special drink: "cruşon" and on the table the slide projector was placed. I showed 150 funny slides, taking little breaks to talk about what was shown on the seen (some of the guests even participated in the shot). It was a very enjoyable evening for all, even (learned later) unforgettable. Then, every 4 years I sent invitations, always to other persons, because I had the same repertoire and different ... cruşon.
In 2000 I held the so-called party in my private practice (acupuncture) in Bacau and since it was a special year (three zeros in the year number, it was much to go until the next one!) I added to the event a little exhibition ... my collection of condoms (!) to which I gave a lot of funny explanations. Even those shocked by the "event" were eventually amused by the funny side of the joke.

4 5

A funny side of my little party, each time was when at the end of it I called the roll and have fun at the expense of those that got fooled by not responding to the invitation, just to not be fooled !
The unfunny side is that I had to discontinue the party series. Do not ask me why, you who get to have fun with this site on the Internet, in fact few people have knowledge of it. Am I discreet! (?)

Let's start:

6 7 8
"Three colors I know to the world ..."
This is how the national anthem
and all TV shows began
Iuliu invites you... (the slogan is encouraging, because)
... open the fridge!
9 10 11

Can you see: some serious work o do ...!
I can give you the improved recipe for cruşon to ensure that after two glasses drunk / eaten will make you feel good very quickly.

as this station in Yerevan that became notorious : the show begins each morning with many jokes. It matters: every day is precious, especially since it's unique!

We will make jokes too: with a mask on
12 13 14
(The Mask - "Masca" on Ceahlău moutain is geomorphological evidence ) ...and no mask! Sure there will be "beards" as well
15 16 17
Important is to be cheerful

although we'll be "eating mushrooms"
(M. Călimani: Piciorul Hârlei - August 28, 1979)

other snails. Victor had with him a bag, and I was in slippers, slip and watch, but we were able to carry 2-3 kg, since there were lots of them after the rain.

18 19 20
The photos were taken with some effort by "Homo Photographycus"...

... it's not so easy to carry 14 kg of cameras and accessories (17 to 25 July 1983)

on other occasion 4 persons had to carry 7 cameras!
21 22
job for... professional people! (?)

There are amateurs (they were "bolovanologi" - rock lovers!). ... a little weird...

23 24

failure of the reform of writing with "î" ("i")

(it was good that no one passed by...)
25 26

One of them has his own image printed on a postcard! Warning: the cult of personality is contagious! I wander if the other two ...?...?

which I found in my mailbox!
He is a true joker too ! (I know him pretty well)

27 28

only once I managed to find help: Gica Lazarica (the one with the hat) he encouraged Cirica, his donkey, with prompting "Horsey, Horsey !" (first on left!)

a different way ... (especially when walking for three days and three nights in a place without water: Peak Munceilor, M. Călimani)

29 30 31
Let's meet the schedule ...and direction: (That way!) I wonder how some people live or bewithout one...
32 33

mergi pe munte prin locuri minunate şi dai de-o... babă! (Dochia - pe Vârful lui Pătru, munţii Şureanu)

going on the mountains with wonderful places and you bump into an ... old woman! (Dochia - on Vârful lui Pătru, mountains Şureanu)

I used to visit quite often my girfriend in Ciucaş

34 35 36

pe vremuri (!) era o expresie: "amor ghebos"

in the old days (!) there was an expression of "humpbacked love"

That's it!

and I was on cloud nine .
As an angel!

37 38 39
I don't know who this is.
Ask Nelu (Balaş)

We suspected something here ... but the guide that hit the bookstores after a week baffled us: "Chatting old women!"

(probably wearing bra the whales...)
40 41 42
we must think Does it bite? or it does not bite, or it likes it!
21 22
...bad taste... Hags... (the one in front is... my mother)
45 46 47
Have you seen the Sphinx of Bucegi? there is also a profile on the right, visible.

Back in 1996, a bill of 50,000 lei was released, which I labeled as counterfeit: the known profile (left!)was looking to the right! = Inverted cliché!; Who cares: there was a saying ... "Many see, few know!"

48 49
here too, the same monolith and again (" he who seeks finds!")
50 51

some love it and kiss it tenderly, on the imaginary nose

... well... "de gustibus"!!!
52 53 54
some would say: "Killer!"

don't bet on your beard; then you'll have to shave your mustache too (in the photo: intermediary stage)

"great is His garden...", even a dead tree has fruits...
Profesorul Silaghi din Zărneşti îşi realizase visul: devenise cabanier mandatar în Piatra Craiului la cabana C U R M Ă T U R A. Dar s-a amuzat grozav că doi pietreni nemţeni au bătut atâta drum să-i arate o surpriză fotografică glumeaţă. Profesorul Silaghi din Zărneşti îşi realizase visul: devenise cabanier mandatar în Piatra Craiului la cabana C U R M Ă T U R A. Dar s-a amuzat grozav că doi pietreni nemţeni au bătut atâta drum să-i arate o surpriză fotografică glumeaţă.
57 58 59

these two were not dummies (the stone dummy is made by shepherds to fool the bears into believing, on foggy weather that it's a guard)

some of those who keep on makingjokes are called jokers

instead of hats
60 61 62
you can't be joking with this one, usually

"Nea Bej, stay further back because we are pretty young! At least have him to break his teeth"(real words!)

enjoying a slice of cake!
63 64 65

We have a special breakfast: soup of trout-mushrooms (Pleurotus). It is somethingelse than the usual canned food on mountain peaks where are no chalets (Căpăţânii mountain, 7days)

atop of Calimani is a real treat, we havedessert too

or at Masa lui Vodă, on the valleyof Casin ("bolovanologii" were studying the place where Gheorghe Stefan Voda camped in 1658 when he was deposed)

66 67 68
others have ideas too: "special" culinary ornaments! last bottle should be divided fairly! ... otherwise you’ll be drinking air...
69 70 71
"o sole mio"
- Dance?! Actual dialogue then: - "I have bow tie"- "And I have ... goiter!"
He's so proud! (advertisement for AGFA?)
72 73 74
this is some slogan! Nothing by chance! On the same staircase an entrance side window breaks: a few days everyone goes through the hole since the iron door was large and heavy. After some time the window pane was replaced: the first one to pass went through the glass! Then another window pane, but with a warning on it! There are other... selected writings out there
75 76 77
there or (DENOUNCE poaching!). Educational problems with double meaning ...! This board indicates the entry into town, I found that the previous name was "Queen Mary" (!). Right on!
78 79
The first toll on comunist Romanian roads: the bridge at Vadu Oii This is how I got to the football stadium in Piatra Neamt (I live here since 1971!).
The second time I went ... was also a canine exhibition!
on this occasion the banner could not be removed, even for two days?!
81 82 83
... if he so cute ... (they sort of look the same ...) these lovely quadrupeds I can swear they have the same hairdresser!
84 85 86
Long live! We are climbing stairs from the subway in Tashkent and "Can you see?: He comes down!"(Nenea Bej had a saying: "Sir Lulu has two herniated disc and one beak!") Bad omen: in one month time... he no longer was alive...
Stalin lives forever in the heart of Georgians (October 1982)
88 89 90
a"smart ass" named it "Merry Cemetery "...! whatever, let it be merry... (or maybe colourful?!) „burn you taxi cab that came from Sibiu”... at Sapanta one is able to swear on the cross...
91 92 93
sanitation company is cleaning up (special Soviet car, Tashkent 1982) travellers’ inscriptions on the cross! Somewhere () on the marble cross somebody wrote the date of birth (still a common habit!) of a lady ... ten years later (ie less!) (mistakenly ...!)(the husband died ...!). Let’s be more vigilant!
94 95 96
A friend in need is. (he had a broken leg, I borrowed a wheelchair from the hospital, I carried him to the other side of town on the 4th floor, I took pictures and after half an hour I returned the wheelchair!) "the leg is stiil ..." but still "dead" (above) after the old love (on the seat). Flowers (below),only when it is officially ... world huh ...
97 98 99
with hat on head or head on hat! or else ...
100 101
(pardon!) that’s better ...
(Why only points at me!)
(And how did they know that we were going to pass by?...)
102 103
because at war... is like at war...
however, in the end, "where your feet are your head will stay ..."
105 106 107
pie in the sky ... but love is in the air! this is how it started ...
108 109
This is how we met on the mountain, this is how I came to the wedding ... "and I danced at their wedding"
110 111
and she fell ... hen and baby chicks hatched
112 113 114
at first, one ... then "she showed her true colours” he ... supposedly "was horseshoed"
115 116
Stump! Granny and grandchild
117 118 119
obsession at about 1000m altitude on Ceahlău: ("Dochia’s ass!") Tarcu Mountains: "Vijgălău of Dochia"!
120 121 122
perplexity there are some who know (I coined a misogynistic expression "She knows!") where on Earth is Viorel’s head at? what is he embracing?
(M. Trascău: vf. Geamăna, 1986)
123 124 125
(with) something like this ... way to go ...! But it's true!
He came to August 23, 1986 celebration with a placard! (Alba County)
Is Valentin younger ... (really?)
informal jargon (!)
127 128 129
... and yet he boasts with something ... Leprosy (this is how someone can look with the disease scarrs) Miozotis = forget me not!
130 131
is this a solution? or I will move out...
132 133 134
you better sit down (on the old Dochia seat) and you think about or go to search for ... spoons ... (for collection) or go... grazing (more modern!)
135 136 137
it is the case... One of the most beautiful things in this world is the sunrise seen from the alpine area
What matters is that this is admired from Vaca (cow) peak? (M. Leaota)
tileap-tileap!! (= Onomatopoeia!!)
138 139 140
and do yourself a small iconostasis or even a large iconostasis ... and become a monk
141 142
Well, not really On the day of Saints Constantin and Elena, in the year my mother turned 75 years I was to give her a special gift. I had just reproduced a photograph of his grandfather that I found at some relatives and I had the idea (in personal jargon: "my mind gave birth"). I was a friend of Fr Macarius Isichi from Bistrita Monastery (also lover of wooden spoons!) who was one of the three who were entitled to wear a special cap in Neamt County and dad three of these caps lending me one of them. The picture was ready and surprise; the celebrated "got wind of the prank" and said quickly: "the parish is not lost...!"(there were 4 Comanescu generations).
143 75 years on 2 September 1974: Another special gift!" What was that my mother wanted for many years? To see me wearing white trousers and shoes! Many did not understand (they did not have the means to do that?) My mother liked it
I had funnier ideas. And I founded the first secret society! (not even ... Interpol knew!) (almost) the same number plate for our Dacia cars, because we had the same phone number (15158) as Dorel Rogozea from Fagaras! (real coincidence was for the phone numbers)
145 The beginning is difficult.
In 2001, about that: another millennium! (is the first or second year of the millennium? Who knows to tell me) I set up secret society of the hyperactive (don’t let lazy ones to find out about it!) who have been living long with the same slogan.
(my slogan is red, as it was at school!)
Nea Octav celebrates every day by working! I took a slogan written in blue (I thought then that the situation was a little "blue" he was 76 years old!) Nonsense: I now write these weird things in 2010 and he's as active as ever.
147 148
My slogan was placed under the eaves of the roof over the bench in the orchard, up the hill Here's a new advocate: CosTICă Vieniamin!
149 150 151
if you don’t do something, you do not get anywhere ... hats off ...! (for real)
152 153 154
I think it’s enough well, until when... with the ladle?!
(I had bought a new night pot from Cheile Bicazului and drank or ate ... ... all cruşon! left over from the first celebration (1988)
if I carry on like this ... I reach the pretzels!
155 156
Let’s brush our teeths... ...or...
157 158 159
there are a lot of sly in this world ....
(Nasredin Hodja, Taşkent, 1982)
brain wave people still remember him
160 161
We were wondering in m. Ţibleş that we could not talk to anyone to ask for information, for all ... ran! When I made the photos we realized: I was the smallest! (they were calling me "damn small"...!) (= 185 cm!). The locals in the area are pretty short. supposedly ... naked Satan...!
162 163
Signed unreadable with blueberries (in the jargon of the time: painted 'ass"!) and ... decipherable
164 "You don't stop laughing because you grow old"
(Honore de Balzac)
2010, December 24: I have prepared the material for the web page no. 13 ( it's April 1st!) Marks two years since I bought a digital camera Panasonic TZ 5 (I recommend TZ 7 as well) and took a lot of photos in many places in the world. Of course, according to my personal habit (!) funny ones resulted. I present them chronologically, progressive, on page 14.