Saturday, 12 June 2010 11:36



The rise of ther Sun is realy superb. Seen from the alpine area is even more.

Plato wrote "Beauty is truthtruth beauty" (Gorgias).

[The first 32 photos are scaned slides.]


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View from Pietricica Mountain (Piatra Neamt) 1978 June 04 On Trotus Valley 1982 June 07 On Trotus Valley 1982 June 07 rasarit-3 rasarit-5

rasarit-6 rasarit-7 rasarit-8 rasarit-9 rasarit-10

rasarit-11 rasarit-12 rasarit-13 rasarit-14 rasarit-15

rasarit-16 rasarit-17 rasarit-18 rasarit-19 rasarit-20

rasarit-21 rasarit-22 rasarit-23 rasarit-24 rasarit-25

rasarit-26 rasarit-27 rasarit-28 rasarit-29 rasarit-30

rasarit-31 rasarit-32 rasarit-33 rasarit-34 rasarit-35

rasarit-36 rasarit-37 rasarit-38 rasarit-39 rasarit-40

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