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Prehistoric Ceramic Art
Archaeology Museum of Cagliari (Sardinia, 2009 11 10)

Motto: Fabrizio Corbera, Principe di Salina was sometimes "overwhelmed by his strange bitternes": all their time together, Stella, his wife "who crosses herself before every hug"... and ... "I have seven children with her, seven ! and I never saw her navel". !!! ("The Leopard" by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa - 1958) (Chapter 1, paragraph 93).

In the film these words were said by Burt Lancaster. Obsessional. Both the actor and the words.

I knew that "EARTH'S NAVEL" was considered a stone in Delphi temple, Greece. When I had the possibility to research the matter I discovered a new trend.


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EASTER ISLAND has been improperly named that because it was discovered on a religios holiday celebrated by seamen navigating on the three sailing ships led by Rogeween in 1722. The relatively small number of local people have been persuaded to join the true faith, but they kept in mind several other old names of the island:

  • "Te Pito No te Henua" = Navel of the Land
  • "Rapanui" = The Big Island
  • "Matakiterani" = Eyes gazing at the sky
  • "The eye that contemplates the heaven"
  • "Heaven (Paradise) customs".

For the commercial tourism a 5 stone allegory was created, of which the central one is the largest and the guides will lead the gullible in believing that the compass needle becomes instable because of the alleged magnetic field the Navel of the World has.

Pictures taken during the visit on 23 -26 April, 2008.


CUSCO (1 - 4 May, 2008)

The capital city of Inca Empire was considered to be the Center of the World (as they knew it then). In the Quechua (Native American language) it means "Navel of the World".

Crucea Sudului - simbol al imperiului incas; cercul din centrul reprezinta capitala Cusco.Piata Armelor (piata centrala)


CHINESE CENTER OF THE WORLD was considered a stone in front of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. This is a honorary name as the capital city is located at north of the Empire, but taking into account the fact that it served as the home of the Emperor (Forbiden City), it was considered the center of the power.

22 May, 2009


The Greeks considered the EARTH's NAVEL to be an egg-shaped stone situated in the innermost sanctuary of the Temple of Apollo in DELPHI.

The Temple of Apollo was erected here, after Apollo as a child, killed Python that was sent to kill Apollo. The place where the snake was burried was marked by a stone named Earth's Navel and then the temple dedixated to Apollo was built. In the nave of the temple there was a breach in the floor out of which appeared from bellow (from an underground chamber) a superb marble column headed by a statuary formation consisting of three dancers (Maenade) supporting a crater (officiation container) made of bronze on which it was carved the stane named Earth's Navel. It is believed that the column had 13 meters in height.

Reconstituire foto de Cristian Gontariu

30 June, 2009


EARTH'S NAVEL was invented in JERUSALEM too, the triple religious capital for the mozaic, crhristian and musulman faithss.

An ornamental stone was placed in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the christians would crowd to get "energetically charged" according to the present trend.

The pictures were taken by Monica Botez (ASTOUR Agency - Piatra Neamț) in Octomber 2009 and are published here with her acceptul.


MEXICO = TENOCHTITLAN it is called now Ciudad de Mexico; visited between 3 and 6 march 2010.

Zeul-HuitzilopochtliE monumentERuineE

NAVELS'S HILL = GOBEKLITEPE is located in the south-east of Turkey at an altitude of 800 meters. (2012, sept. 10)


Area that can be visited by tourists
It's obvious that these pillars have been cut and not carved.

This happened 11,000 - 12,000 years ago !

The statue now found at the Museum in Sanliurfa does not represent a god ! It seems that it represents the creation of human in a nutshell !

Analysing from the upper side downwards:

  1. the original had its ears positioned allegoricaly, that is more zoomorphic or somethingelse (?!);
  2. (in the middle) = the resulting hybrid;
  3. finally: Homo Sapiens !

The sides of the monument have the vector carved on them: the spermatozoon !

it is a sketch with a woman giving birth (the ombilical cord can be seen).

One can assume (!?)  that it was the placque on the front of the entrance in the Maternity unit !

The ancient name has been preserved vaguely: The Navel's Hill.

Now there is large arcaehological site and of course (!) everything is perceived as a place of worship !

(Zecharia Sitchin may be right ... a little (?!) !)